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EXP115 Experiencia de Trabajo, Escenario Comunidad I año.

EXP213 Experiencia de Trabajo, Escenario Comunidad II año.

Public Speaking (ING 603) focuses on the fundamental elements of effective oral communication in English—content, organization, vocabulary and language use, delivery, and active listening— that are essential for giving different types of presentations (extemporaneous, informative, and argumentative/persuasive) on topics both related and unrelated to the field of agronomy.  You will receive detailed, individualized, and constructive feedback on your three videotaped group presentations with a rubric and professor-led review sessions.  In addition, your final group presentation on a contemporary yet contentious topic in agronomy will be delivered in the auditorium in front of the university community and evaluated by three of your professors.   Throughout the course, you will have opportunities to improve your speaking and listening abilities via classroom activities conducted in interpersonal as well as small and large group contexts that will assist in the development of your capacity to work in intercultural teams, fortify your agronomic understanding, and enhance your cultural knowledge and sensitivity.

Students and professors from universities in five countries interact to examine and discuss interrelationships among social, economic, and environmental factors basic to sustainable development. This multidisciplinary course uses fully interactive technology, including live videoconferences, interactive online labs, and educational course platforms.